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Are you looking to transform your life in meaningful way?

I am a Certified Transformational Coach based in Switzerland.

To date, I have been coaching people from four different continents in both

English and German.


I am passionate about supporting believers in breaking through fears and limitations to create a joyful and meaningful life in alignment with GOD's purpose. 

Mindset Coaching



This 10-week Group Coaching program includes the most effective and transformational tools that I have come across in Coaching. I have used them on clients as well as on myself. This course is a must for you if you want to: 

  • Step into your full power

  • Get clarity on what you want to focus on in your personal life and/or career

  • Remove limiting beliefs

  • Shift from overwhelm to strategy

  • Finding and unlocking your purpose

  • Effectively let go of past and focus on the present

  • Dive into deep and healing forgiveness work

  • Strengthen your faith

  • Get clear on your vision in all life areas

  • Set out an action plan to start pursuing your dreams and goals in alignment with God's purpose for you

  • Discover feeling fulfilled, connected and purposeful


The weekly coaching sessions will take 60 - 90 minutes and are held online.

This program is for action takers who are showing up, are willing to have fun and allow themselves to make mistakes along the way.

If you are not willing to grow, nor reflect on yourself, this program is not for you. 

Personal Coaching



I am passionate about supporting people to step out of their shadow and live a fulfilled life in alignment with GOD's purpose. 

Whilst my focus is on supporting people in finding and pursuing their purpose, I also offer 1:1 Coaching on a more personalized basis.


The content of such program is adjusted and designed according to your personal needs.

This is mainly for people who are looking for a safe and trustworthy space where they are heard and where they can share personal issues openly and free from judgment.

Because this Coaching offers special care and attention, spaces are extremely limited

Hop on a FREE discovery call with me and let's see if it is a fit! 

Looking forward to getting to know you!

Love and Blessings




Client Testimonies

Alex, Switzerland

Thanks to Nicole’s all-round coaching, I was able to take massive action in various life areas.

By gaining control in my life and improving my daily habits, I overcame fear, which enabled me to increase my self-esteem, to trust in myself and in my abilities.

In this process, I was able to strengthen my faith and to reclaim God’s truth about myself. Towards the end of our Coaching, I managed to break free from my unfulfilling work commitment; I realigned my career path!

Skye, United Kingdom


Nicole is a warm, engaging, compassionate coach who leads with her heart. She is truly dedicated to individuals listening to and recognising Gods hand on their life. She supports her clients to step into their God given potential, to gain clarity and fulfilment. Nicole meets you exactly where you are, mentoring you whilst applying the teachings of Christianity in a practical way. She respectfully holds sacred space during her sessions for you to be able to connect, explore and grow. She is a wonderful mentor and coach.

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