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Church is not a building

Here I am standing in front of church Fraumuenster in Zürich. Did you know this building is more than 500 years old? Since 1524 it is a Protestant church and also the town's landmark.

It is funny how we associate churches with buildings when in truth, it means something completely else.

The word church derives from the greek word "ekkleasia", which means "public assembly". Church is actually a body of faithful people, as well as the whole body of the faithful.

When I talk about God, people often ask me to which church I go to.

Some also think I belong to a cult. *lol*

Don't worry guys.

It is not important to which church I go to.

And if I go to a church or not at all.

My "real church" is made up of all other believers who love Jesus.

My faith in JESUS Christ has got nothing to do with a building or a false religion, it is simply a personal relationship with the Lord.

After living a profane life for 30 years this came as a surprise to me probably more than it comes to you.

But I am incredibly grateful for it. Having faith in my life today provides me with trust and, more importantly, love. And not just once in a while, but on a daily basis.

I would not exchange this with anything in the world.

What do you associate churches with?


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