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Vision Seeking: The Big WHY

An article about how to shift from frustration to creation, the importance of connecting with your vision and the ultimate driving force that will make your vision become reality.

Do you know that feeling:

  • Because of outer circumstances you feel blocked, tired, stressed?

  • Somehow you do not get going properly?

  • You put all your energy into your commitments and feel that you are missing out personally?

I know this feeling too well. It sucks.

But there is hope:

Instead of just surrendering to the emotions of stress and exhaustion, we have the option to choose to focus on something that we can hold on to.

What more could that be than our own VISION?

Our vision can become a power source.

Almost like a well, with whose water we can moisten ourselves, in order to remain fresh.

If we do this daily, sprinkle fresh water onto our bodies, isn't that refreshing?

Whenever we want to strive for something, it is necessary to connect with our vision.

Our Vision is the BIG WHY. The big picture, that we wish to have in our life, one day.

Not based on materialism. Things that give us meaning and deep fulfillment.

The most powerful driving force is when your vision has a purpose.

The excitement of knowing that you are going to support many people in a meaningful way excels all vain plans, which do not have the capacity to move you in the core as much.

Whether you are an individual or behind an organization or company:

every person, whether a legal person or an individual, needs a vision.

When you start building a business, it is actually the first thing that needs to get done when writing a business plan.

As much as a company needs a vision, we as individuals need a vision too.

The word vision overwhelms certain people and that is absolutely fine.

The urge to "need to have a vision" can put a lot of pressure on a person who lost contact with their vision.

I have been there too.

To be honest, that has happened to me when I was in a place that I lacked conviction that I was worthy. This limiting belief kept me from seeing a clear vision in my life.

If this sounds familiar to you, I suggest that you try to take the focus off the need to have a vision.

Instead, channel your thoughts on a DREAM instead.

  • What is a dream of yours?

  • What is something that you always wanted deep down?

  • Who would you love to support/speak to/minister to and why?

If you remove all obstacles that are currently in the way of you and your dream (thoughts like "this dream is never going to happen"), what would you LOVE to happen and LOVE to create?

I personally find it easier to connect to a dream than to a vision.

Once we have a dream, we can gradually build that up.

If you build your dream, your dream can lead you to your vision. Your vision will eventually become your purpose.

With all this being said, having a vision is pointless, if we lack FAITH.

We need FAITH to pursue our vision.

FAITH empowers us to work on achieving our vision.

In the end, it all goes back to our creator, to GOD.

We need to seek GOD to strengthen our faith. Only by remaining close to him, can we operate in a truthful state of FAITH.

If you wonder what brought me to this awareness:

Two years ago I was able to tap into my vision.

I went into creation mode and started working on setting goals and making a plan to achieve it.

After a few months, I did not connect with my vision anymore. And started to disconnect from it. I also started to disconnect from God a little. He has always been important to me of course, however other things were important for me too.

Looking at the amount of time that I invested in everything, I had to admit, that overall, I spent too little time with God.

And this is the huge mistake so many make:

If you lack to put God first, you will never be able to connect to FAITH in the same way as you do when you are close to him.

We depend on connection.

We depend on faith.

We depend on God.

It is okay to acknowledge that we are dependent.

« Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, except it abide in the vine; no more can ye, except ye abide in me. » - John 15:8

We depend on God to see his vision for us.

We depend on God not to lose track of our vision.

We depend on God to build FAITH in us to implement our vision.

If you feel limiting beliefs are in the way of accomplishing your vision or even in the way of connecting with your vision, send an email to me to or book a free support call.

Let's connect with your big why and make your vision become reality!

Blessings and Love



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