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The Story behind my Blog

A little sneak peek how this blog came into existence, and how faith and personal development made me become deeply joyful.

Those that know me personally, know that I am a certified Business Economist and have been working in the financial sector for more than a decade.

Besides that, I have been hosting a monthly radio show for ten years at Radio Stadtfilter in Winterthur (ZH).

My 9 to 5 job has been a blessing in many different aspects, however I always knew that it is not my life calling.

A few years ago, I decided to take a time out from my job and completed a traineeship at Swiss Television (SRF).

I was drawn to the entertainment industry and wanted to give it a go. After completion of the traineeship, I went back to my 9 to 5 job as Executive Officer in the trust company.

Soon after returning, I found myself in a midlife crisis.

This crisis was the best thing that happened to me.

I started to finally get to know the person I used to walk away from in the past (yes, me).

I started surrendering to God.

I learnt what my true identity was.

Before this personal crisis, I had spent years to find out what my true purpose is, without success.

Today, I know it.

I was only able to start tapping into my full potential after committing to personal development.

After devoting myself to healing.

And after removing many limiting beliefs through coaching.

Because coaching has been so effective and life-changing for me personally, I wanted to become a Coach myself.

I decided to start working with Coach Joel Brown, founder of the multi-million dollar brand "Addicted To Success", by taking part in his education "Influential Coach".

This program is for people who want to become real coaches. Although I was hesitant at first, whether I was ready to become a coach myself, it was the best investment ever. The education has been life-transforming.

I have another "Coach" that I have been successfully working with the past few years. He is called Jesus.

I can proudly say that walking in Faith has become the foundation of my personal growth.

My faith helped me to become free and to grow in different aspects of life.

Without God I would not have made it that far.

Knowing a loving and gracious God made me feel joy. I became joyful deeply within.

This joyful feeling of living in faith, is how the name of the blog came into being.

It is my mission to spread joy and faith and to share my personal experiences to help people to fully tap their potential.

If you are seeking encouragement, wisdom and want to grow personally or in faith: this blog is the place to be.

I am looking forward to walking beside you whilst you experience the riches of a life in freedom.

Let’s (e)njoy Faith!

Love and Blessings

Nicole Joy


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