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Confidence - What it truly means

We like to show ourselves from our best side.

On the surface, that might come across as being narcisstic but I believe, it goes way deeper.

Every human being has a desire for recognition and everyone of us has experienced some form of rejection in the past.

This rejection leads to an insecurity, which we carry with us.

We like to cover it with pride, Make-up or a fake confidence.

Outwardly we appear strong, but inwardly, we are weak.

We try to control the feeling of pain by stopping feelings.

Our hearts become hard. For a short time we gain control.

This control might even make us believe that we are confident.

We link the word confident with attributes such as strength and success, when in reality it means to be aware of our own self.

It is ok to be aware that we are hurt.

It is ok to feel feel weak.

To feel disappointed.


Worn out.



All of us have experienced these type of feelings in life.

So why do we not talk about it openly?

Because most of us are afraid to talk about it in public.

We ignore that weakness has a positive side.

Whenever we show our weaknesses, we touch people.

Our imperfection makes us authentic.

And resonates with the imperfection of the person in front of us.

Our counterpart feels understood and lifted.

It might even start a process in him/her to become more self-aware.

In which area of your life when you felt weak, could you use it to encourage someone else?

„If I must boast, I will boast of the things that show my weakness.“ - 2. Cor. 11:30


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